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Reca Resort Bali Farm Luxury VIP 9 Private Villa Manibaug, Porac

Looking for A Relaxing Staycation and Instagramable Private Villa? Experience the uncommon element at Reca Bali Farm Luxury VIP 9 Private Villa, it's refined by nature and see what a difference a stay makes!


Amenities :

  • Private Infinity Pool Powered by Copper Technology.



  • Wi-Fi up to 100mbps

  • Smart TV

  • Unli Movie Marathon

  • BBQ Grill

  • 1 Comfort Room

  • Unli Swimming, No Time Limit

  • Secured Place with Security Guard

  • Secured Parking

  • FREE use of Playground

  • 2 Rooms

  • 2 King Size Bed

  • Good for 6-8 persons

  • Total of 8 Towels

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